We make the logistics world more digital

Frachtklub has one very simple goal: to digitise and automate today’s logistics companies’ processes to make them more digital tomorrow. We are dedicated to pursuing this vision with passion and purposefulness. In our opinion, any forwarder can achieve great things, regardless of its size, or history. Frachtklub logistics shopping is the new standard in logistics sales designed to help logistics companies across Europe sell their services easier and more intelligently. We achieve this through digitalisation, automation, transparency and efficiency. We hope you will join us on this journey.

Our passion for Logistics

At Frachtklub, we are all logistics and informatics natives. Our current team is made up of best-in-class economists and engineers from world-class university like TUM and entrepreneurial programs like Manage&More. We have extended working and consulting experiences with leading European logistics and mobility companies as well as IT companies.

The name Frachtklub is a play on our unique cooperative approach. We see it as our mission to help European logistics companies accelerate the adoption of digitalisation. 

We love to work with exceptional people on interesting problems. So far, our customers include mid-sized European logistics companies.

Leif-Hermann Lühmann, Founder & Managing Director

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Many thanks for the great support we have received so far.

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